Canary! episode 7 – Gardens of Eden
Vibrant Marmajuelo, a rare white grape variety of the Canaries, is unrivalled in its ability to express the lush microclimates of the archipelago’s western islands. The paradisial muses of this episode are Kew’s Palm House, the Gulf of El Hierro and Bodegas Viñátigo’s Jardín de Variedades Canarias. Wine(s) tasted in this video: Viñátigo Marmajuelo 2017, DOP Islas Canarias, Bodegas Viñátigo.

Canary! episode 6 – The Epic Wines of the Canary Islands
The most comprehensive guidebook ever written about the wines of the Canarian archipelago has just been published. Watch this show to enjoy a glitzy plug and to find out how you might win a signed copy of the hardback. Alternatively, head to the book page of www.canary.wine and read the e-book now for free.

Canary! episode 5 – Illuminating whites
Radiant Lanzarote, the largest white wine-producing appellation of the Canary Islands, is home to an exciting diversity of grape varieties that may just allow you to drink your way to vinous enlightenment. In this episode, we try twin wines that have entirely different personalities. Wine(s) tasted in this video: Diego Seco Ecológico 2019 & Malvasía Volcánica Seco Ecológico 2019, DO Lanzarote, Bodegas Los Bermejos.

Canary! episode 4 – Wine for my brothers
When Horatio Nelson attacked Santa Cruz in 1797, he was handed a few things he was not expecting: i) a catastrophic military defeat, and ii) the best wines of Tenerife. In this show, we chronicle the remarkable day when Nelson lost his arm before participating in a chivalrous reconciliation with the good people of the Canary Islands. Wine(s) tasted in this video: Táganan Tinto 2018, Vinos Atlánticos, Envínate.

Canary! episode 3 – Mighty Baboso
Some grapes are just built big. In this episode, we examine one of the Canary Islands’ most exciting red varieties: Baboso Negro. Almost lost to history, it is now launching a most powerful fightback in the hot and dry badlands of southern Tenerife. Wine(s) tasted in this video: Vera de la Fuente Baboso Negro 2018, DO Abona, Bodega Vera de la Fuente.

Canary! episode 2 – To health and pleasure
You may be surprised to learn that large scale British tourism to the Canary Islands commenced during the Victorian era. In this show, we leave autumnal England to enjoy the sun, clean sea air and vinous pleasures of timeless Puerto de la Cruz. Wine(s) tasted in this video: Tajinaste Tradicional 2018, DO Valle de La Orotava, Bodegas Tajinaste.

Canary! episode 1 – Good wine carrieth a man to heaven
The story of Old England’s love for the sweet wines of the Canary Islands. In this episode, we travel from the Docklands of London to the Black Plains of La Palma; where grows the immortal Malvasía. Wine(s) tasted in this video: Matias i Torres Malvasía Aromática Naturalmente Dulce 2012.

Canary! channel trailer – Introducing a new vlog dedicated to the wines of the Canary Islands. Episodes will include wine tastings, bodega and vineyard visits, reports from historical locations and more!